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Access Google Docs, S3, SkyDrive and Cloud Drive on Mac

SMEStorage, the multi-cloud data access provider, today releases the second beta of a Mac Cloud Drive which enables up to 10 commercial storage providers to be accessed directly from a virtual drive in Mac Leopard and Snow Leopard Operating Systems.

CEO Ian Osborne states, “We are really pleased to announce the second beta of our virtual cloud drive for the Mac. This drive enables users to access their cloud storage files directly from their shell or Mac Finder”

“The drive brings cloud computing directly into the Mac OS with over 10 popular Cloud Storage vendors supported, including Amazon S3, Google Docs, Microsoft SkyDrive and RackSpace Cloud Files.”

“Having a virtual Cloud Drive on the Mac fits our business strategy of providing data access entry points that overlay all storage clouds and include all Operating Systems, as well the best of breed mobile vendors.”

“This enables us very rapidly to add value to Tier 1 providers who wish to add storage as part of their offerings and also offers the individual users and business users, that use our Organisation Cloud offering, to have familiar and easy access points to their data.”

“As part of the next release we’ll also be adding sync so that user can have desktop sync directly to their Mac from any storage cloud we support.”

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