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Apple Macintosh News and Information

Apple Adds More Security in iOS 4.3

In iOS 4.3 Apple’s latest update, a new feature has been implemented that requires the user to input their password whenever an in-app purchase is made.

There are also 59 security patches for the mobile version of Safari.

The iOS 4.3 update is reported to be incompatible with the iPhone 3G and older versions of the iPod Touch.

Security firm Sophos warns that the omission of the fixes leaves users of older iPhone and IPod Touches at heightened risk of drive-by download attacks from booby-trapped websites. The latest version of the OS includes tethering functionality and the ability to stream music between devices across home wireless networks, among other functionality improvements.

“There might be a hardware reason why the latest version of the software can’t be run on older devices,” a Sophos spokesman explained. “Even so, Apple could still release an update for Safari for older devices, the most problematic omission.

“Apple should still produce patches, otherwise security conscious people would have to upgrade.”

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