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Condition ONE iPad and Photo Journalism App

Danfung Dennis has created an app called Condition ONE that allows viewers to use their iPads as fully interactive windows into photo journalist images. As you can see in the video below (warning, NSFW language), Condition ONE allows you to interact with a current scene in what is probably most easily comparable to a moving photograph from the world of Harry Potter. Users can pan up, down, and rotate around to get a complete look at an event in a set moment in time as if they were actually there. Dennis told Time that the point of Condition ONE is to create a new form of storytelling that will “shake viewers out of their numbness to traditional media and provide them a powerful emotional experience.”

While there is no hard launch date or price, the Condition ONE app is set to debut in mid-2011 and is sure to change the way many see an event that has occurred halfway around the world. “Once viewers enter a video experience, they can move the tablet in any direction and see the corresponding field of view,” says Dennis. “The traditional two-dimensional, rectangular frame is shattered as viewers step inside the frame and experience the stories as the protagonists.”

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My Freedom Or Death – Condition ONE Beta from Danfung Dennis on Vimeo.

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