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Mac OS X Lion Has Browser Mode

The upcoming version of Mac OS X Lion is reported to have a Google Chrome like browser mode, named ‘Restart to Safari.’

This feature makes it possible to restart the Mac into just the Safari browser. The “Restart to Safari” mode does not require any sort of authentication to use and users cannot get access to the filesystem.

Ricky writing on digitizor said “The “Restart to Safari” of OS X Lion will draw comparisons with Google’s Chrome OS. However, the two are worlds apart. True – both offers only the browser with nothing else. However, with “Restart to Mac”, Safari’s password manager is deactivated and users of that mode cannot download any file as the filesystem is completely off limit. Restart to Safari does not remember anything that the user might have done after a reboot.

Chrome OS on the other had has password manager and has access to the filesystem. In short, Chrome OS has been designed with the browser as the main destination and OS X’s “Restart to Safari” feature is aimed for those time when someone asks for your computer to check something on the web and you do not want them to see your files or mess them up.”

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