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Mobee Magic Numpad for Magic Trackpad

The Mobee Magic Numpad transforms the Apple Magic Trackpad into a powerful and customizable Numpad.

Apply any of the Magic films on your Apple Magic Trackpad, install the free App and you will instantaneously get both a Trackpad and a Numpad built into one single device.

These Magic Films are high-technology films, each of them built on an exclusive 3-layer technology, having a bubble-proof re-usable material for the bottom layer, an ultra-soft antiglare material for the top and high-quality printing in the middle for full protection.

The free software will also allow you to create shortcuts to launch any app that you use every day. A special feature allows the Magic Numpad to display a calculator on your screen to allow simple calculations without typing formulas into Excel.

Detailed technical information is available on the datasheet and on our website

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