ABS Introduces iApproveIt 1.0 for iPhone

iApproveIt 1.0 for the iPhone allows managers, administrators, peers or other approvers to give “instant” approvals or rejections that are embedded in the process and forcibly adhered to by users.

No longer do users have to wait for someone to approve an action with slow cumbersome email (or voice mail) which might not be read for hours or days and thus holding up the approval and the pending process or workflow. Furthermore, when a response was received there was still no guarantee that the “response” was followed as it relied on “human” interpretation and “compliance” to confirm to the response thus making the process deeply fallible and easy to circumvent. iApproveIt fills that void by providing “instant” notification or approval request to the Smartphone of one or more approvers and providing an “instant” response capability from the approver(s) to the pending users/program. Finally, the response of the approver(s) is programmatically adhered to so as to maintain the enforceability and auditability of the process.

With iApproveIt, users can get real-time “approvals” from one or many people, even when those people are in a meeting, at lunch or otherwise away from their desk.

Any program or program step monitored by iApproveIt can cause notification or “approval request” to be sent to the smartphone of one or more approvers. Each approver can provide an instant “approval” or “rejection” of the request thus allowing control of the action.

“After many years of hearing clients request automation of ‘Managerial’ and ‘Peer’ approval, but also hearing their dissatisfaction with the added process time attributed to waiting for approvals via email, we decided to actually solve the problem. Now one can ‘instantly’ get approvals from managers, administrators or peers regardless if there are at their desk, in a meeting, at lunch or otherwise offsite. The approval process is lowered from hours or days to a minute or less. The implication of using iApproveIt span not only software development, but business process as well. Clients are already using the application to streamline the approval process for purchasing, hiring and other transaction types. We are glad to bring this patent pending technology to the market and are sure it will help to streamline and provide auditability for client processes.” – Charles Clarke – A Better Solution, Inc.

Policy makers can configure iApproveIt such that “approval request” are sent to multiple approvers with the final result being “approved” or “rejected” depending on a configurable condition. This condition could be set up to allow the execution of the program or program step if:

· an approval is received from “any” of the responders
· an approval is received from the first responding responder
· an approval is received from a “majority” of responders
· an approval is received from “all” of the responders
· no responders “reject” the request.

The iApproveIt product is not vendor specific, it can be used with any script or program or any program that uses or can use scripts, triggers or other definable actions for automation.

ABS has used iApproveIt with a list of products to include but not limited to:

· IBM Rational ClearCase and ClearCase Multisite (or any SCM tool that can make use of scripts or return codes)
· IBM Rational ClearQuest (or any Defect tracking product that can make use of scripts or return codes)
· IBM Rational Team Concert
· IBM Rational Build Forge (or any build automation tool like Maven, Cruise Control, AntHill, etc.)
· IBM Rational Functional Tester
· IBM WebSphere MQ (previously known as “MQ Series”)
· HP OpenView
· MS Excel Spreadsheet automation
· MS Quickbooks
· CA Unicenter
· Vtiger, Siebel, SugarCRM, SalesForce.com (and other CRM Solutions)
· ClearTrigger, ClearReplica and ClearWeb by ABS
· ClearCheck by GoMidjets
· Windows “AT” jobs – MAC and UNIX “cron” jobs
· Other Workflow Automation Tools

ABS has already used iApproveIt to provide real-time approval and/or notification using the programming languages include but not limited to: C, C++, C#, Objective-C, Perl, AppleScript, Visual Basic, ksh, sh, csh, bash, tkl, Batch, Java, PowerBuilder, PHP, Make, Cobol and many others.

The iApproveIt client works on many operating systems like: MaxOS, Windows, HP-UX, SUN/Solaris, Red Had Linux, CentOS, SUSE Linux, AIX and Solaris x86. The iApproveIt client works with iPhones and iPads with connections for the Android and Blackberry to be announced soon.

Read about all of the features of iApproveIt 1.0 here:

Installing iApproveIt 1.0 is easy and straightforward. Version 1.0 began shipping on October 9th, 2011.

The iApproveIt Client software for the client is free and available here:


While the iApproveIt Device software is available for $2.99 at the iTunes App Store here:


About A Better Solution, Inc.

Founded by Charles Clarke, III in 1996, he saw the need for a CM consulting company from his early experiences with Atria (the original makers of ClearCase). To this end ABS has assembled some of the best software minds in the country to bring the experiences of many minds in many development shops together to aid in implementation of Rational ClearCase. ABS has created many add-on products that are complementary to the Rational Toolset. ABS also provides custom training plans to suit an organizations need for Rational Tools user or administrator training. visit http://www.abs-consulting.com for more details.

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