iPhone Noise Hunter App

iPhone users can get a precise picture of any noise situation with inter·net2day’s iPhone App “Noise Hunter”.

“The problem with measuring sound levels is that the usual instruments only determine the instantaneous sound level,” explains Werner Dworaczek, CEO of inter·net2day. This applies to real sound level meters up to the $100.- class as well as the currently available sound level metering apps. With such devices / apps the minimum and maximum sound level can be determined in parallel to the constantly changing current level. “By only considering these values harmful noise scenarios cannot be distinguished from harmless scenarios”, Dworaczek continues. The reason is that these devices do not consider the exposure time. Their benefit is therefore rather limited.

But, of course, it is possible to significantly increase the quality of sound level measurements, Dworaczek adds. However, these capabilities are only found in very expensive devices, so-called integrating sound level meters. They not only determine the current sound level, but also for example the so-called equivalent continuous sound pressure level (Leq). This is the (energetically) averaged sound level over the exposure time. “This Leq-level is indispensable for an objective assessment of health hazards or mental impairment caused by only moderate – and therefore not directly dangerous – sound levels” says software developer Dworaczek. For a more complete assessment of a noise situation further sound values have to be considered. E.g. background noise can be determined by evaluating “exceedance levels” (also known as percentile levels).

For only $5.99/€4.99 inter·net2day brings these features for the first time to a smartphone. Modeled to resemble a real sound level meter the Noise Hunter App places special emphasis on easy operation and comprehensive information on “sound level/measurements”. A built-in avatar helps nontechnical users to interpret the measured values(*).

The app comes with device-type- and microphone-type-specific calibration tables that produce a reasonable measuring accuracy. You can also update later for free via the Internet. Thus, calibrations for newly released iOS devices and further supported external microphones can be provided easily. Additionally, the user may make adjustments by defining a “device correction” to compensate for any device-specific deviations.

The app can be downloaded up to 01/31/2012 at an introductory special price of $3.99/2.99 EUR from the Apple App Store in the category “Utilities”.

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