Henge Docks announces Docking Stations for the MacBook Air

Henge Docks (www.hengedocks.com), the leading supplier of docking stations for Apple notebook computers, announces its latest addition, vertical Docking Stations for the MacBook Air, at the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show. The MacBook Air Dock allows users to incorporate the MacBook Air into a desktop setup or home theater system, so users get the best features of a laptop, desktop and media center PC all from one computer.

The Vertical Docking Stations for the MacBook Air line are Henge Docks’ first to feature fully integrated ports, right out of the box with no additional setup. Integrated ports combined with a sturdy, rubberized cradle for a precision fit means a smooth, accurate docking experience allowing users quickly connect and disconnect their peripherals in one easy motion. Henge Docks’ unique vertical orientation saves desk space while showcasing the svelte profile of the MacBook Air.

“We are excited to add the MacBook Air Dock to Henge Docks’ line of docking station solutions,” said Matthew Vroom, CEO. “The MacBook Air is a fantastic machine and we feel that our new docking station takes the Air to the next level by eliminating the cable clutter that plagues today’s workspaces.” With the addition of the MacBook Air Dock, Henge Docks now offers a docking station solution for every Apple notebook currently in production.

The Henge Docks’ design doesn’t require any hardware, software or settings changes to your computer, and every current MacBook is compatible with the system, right from the factory. The MacBook Air Docks along with Henge Docks’ full line of docking stations and accessories can be seen at booth #6730 in the North Hall.

The MacBook Air Dock comes in two sizes – 11 inches or 13 inches. Both models feature Mini DisplayPort and USB pass-through.

The MacBook Air Dock will retail at $55 for the 11-inch model and $60 for the 13-inch model. Both models are available for preorder starting today, January 10th 2012 at www.hengedocks.com.

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