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Apple Macintosh News and Information

Loyola Press Releases Its First iPhone™ Application

Life is fast, and the speed of life whisks people away from the very thing they need most–spiritual “time outs” to reconnect with God and experience much-needed peace of mind.

With Loyola Press’s highly popular 3-Minute Retreat now available on the iPhone™ and iPod touch®, people can enjoy a daily reflective prayer retreat wherever they are, whenever they need it most. Each day, a new retreat featuring soothing music, Scripture verses, and reflective thoughts and questions comes their way. So whether they’re at home or at work, sipping coffee in a café or standing in line at the grocery store, meaningful time with God is always just a touch away.
“Saint Ignatius always talked about learning the language of the culture. iPhone apps and modern technology are the language of our contemporary culture,” said Jesuit Paul Campbell. “Our 3-minute retreat iPhone app uses today’s technology to provide a convenient place for busy people to deepen their friendship with God.”

This is the first iPhone? and iPod touch application released by Loyola Press, a publishing company serving the community of Faith since 1912.

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