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Iphone tab bar icons for developers – keeping apps from being rejected

iconsBerlin released a 300+ set of icons suitable for iPhone app developers. The icon collection covers 24 different categories, similiar to the app store’s categories.

Most apps utilize the tab bar for navigation purposes. But the iPhone SDK contains a limited number of just 12 tab bar icons. So programers run into two major problems, when creating a tab bar based app. First, an appropriate icon increases usability as the users recognize the intended function visually. Second, the right iconography prevents the app from being rejected during the app review process. The inappropriate use of standard icons already resulted in app rejection, as users may get confused of inconstence use of icons. It is recommended to use custom buttons to express a dedicated function by clear visual representation.

If a programmer misses an icon, he may describe and request that icon at the project’s web page . That icon will be added to the collection with no extra cost, if possible. Additionally every buyer receives free updates of every collection extension for the period of one year after purchase.

About iconsBerlin
iconsBerlin is the design branch of Haase & Martin GmbH, a mobile media company dedicated to mobile content delivery, application and kiosk system development. Bluetooth hotspots are developed for content delivery and mobile marketing purposes.

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