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New Photobooks Shine for Macintosh – With Environmental Friendliness

Printing-1 produces long lasting photobook. Now the online photobook specialist is adding an gloss vanish option to sealing the photobook pages. This ensures that after the whole family has browsed through the new photobook at Christmas it will still look like new. As an environmentally aware enterprise, the printer ensures through compliance with ISO 14001 that the pages in photobooks from Printing-1 remain free of toxic substances.

Glossy prints last longer:
For three years Printing-1 has been offering customers the opportunity to design their individual photobook. To the range of photo canvas prints and photo books as well as photobook calendars Printing-1 now adds the glossy photo book. For this the complete photo book pages are coated with an environmentally friendly glossy varnish, which improves brilliance and detail.

Environmentally friendly diversity:
Customers can choose among seven different photo book formats with up to 250 pages. A longer lasting book binding is achieved with a Polyurethan (PUR) glue, which keeps the photo book pages in place. Thanks to the new High-Gloss finish option, the printed surface is protected from wear and de-colouring, ensuring a long life for the book and the photographic memories within. The new hi-gloss can even be used with a good ecological conscience.

Special offer:
From now to the the 30th of November 2009 customers in the UK, France, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Austria and Germany can save up to £60 / 60 Euro when opting for a high gloss finish for free (normal price £0.30 / 0.30 Euro per page).

The Photo Book Specialist:
Printing-1 offers a Windows and Mac OS compatible online photo service, which can be used with photos from any digital camera or camera phone. Printing-1 specialises in photo books and photo canvas printing only. The professional printing processes allow Printing-1 to offer its photo booklet in the “pocket” format with ring- or laminated binding from £7.95 / 7.95 Euro – plus p&p £4.90 / 4.90 Euro (orders over £100 / 100 Euro ship free). Between the Pocket and the Premium format, Printing-1 offers further five intermediate sizes. The costs for the optional high gloss finish cost in the photo book Maxi 30 pence per page.

The ISO 14001 is a standard for environmental management systems. The aim of the standard is to reduce the environmental footprint of a business and to decrease the pollution and waste a business produces.

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