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Dandy Code Releases Marketplace 1.2 – Craigslist Search Aggregator

Dandy Code today released Marketplace 1.2, a fantastic update to their popular Craigslist search aggregator. Craigslist is a fabulous resource but its website does not do its service justice. Marketplace seeks to correct this by giving Craigslist the user interface it deserves – beautiful, easy to use, and efficient. Craigslist, Without the Ugly.

Marketplace can search all Craigslist regions, categories, and subcategories. It supports all the filters the website has: title-only searches, image-only results, price minimum/maximum, etc. On top of what Craigslist provides, Marketplace allows users to filter their initial results down even more. Users can save their favorite entries to return to later or leave Marketplace running and it will refresh searches automatically and notify users when new results are found.

This 1.2 release brings many new features and bug fixes. Users can now filter down to the sub-region level. This means being able to search The Bronx instead of all of New York City. Users can also search huge swathes of the world with just a few clicks. This update also improves speed, stability, and removes even more of the Craigslist ugly from the listing preview!

Marketplace can be downloaded from its website. It features a 25-day trial before users must buy a license. Marketplace requires Mac OS X 10.5 or later.

Marketplace has been out since September 2008. Touted as “Craigslist, Without the Ugly,” Marketplace functions as a Craig’s List search aggregator. It allows users to search many regions quickly, filter the results by the relevant criteria, and then save the interesting finds.

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