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Flixoft Releases Grocery Gadget® 2.1 for iPhone™ and iPod touch®

As popularity for grocery shopping list applications continues to rise within the iTunes App Store, consumers are becoming more educated as to what features matter most. Although some users opt for a very simple grocery list application for their iPhone™ or iPod touch®, others need syncing capabilities and other innovative features to help make their regular shopping experiences as efficient as possible. On this note, Flixoft, the developers of Grocery Gadget® shopping list solutions for iPhone and iPod touch recently released Grocery Gadget® version 2.1. With this release, Flixoft introduces application enhancements, such as improved syncing capabilities and intelligent coupon tracking, among other noteworthy features.

With Grocery Gadget’s intelligent coupon tracking feature, users have the ability to track digital and paper manufacturer coupons either per item, or per list or store. Users can track coupons either on their Grocery Gadget® application, or within their Grocery Gadget portal account located at With Grocery Gadget’s unique syncing technology, all grocery list and coupon data easily syncs across multiple devices and the group’s online portal account: If one household member adds and tracks a coupon, all users within the group have access to the same coupon.

In addition to intelligent coupon tracking, Flixoft has improved upon their already-popular unique syncing technology. With version 2.1, users can sync “group data” to easily join a new group, or “merge app and group data” to switch to a new group. As most users already know, with Grocery Gadget you never have to worry about losing your grocery list and coupon data: Grocery Gadget is the only shopping solution with the iTunes App Store that provides users a web-based portal to store, build, and manage grocery list and coupon data. In rare circumstances where a user incurs application data loss, the user can easily retrieve and sync grocery data by logging into their online grocery portal account located at

Another attractive feature offered with Grocery Gadget 2.1 is price color-coding. With this feature, users have the capacity to track and compare items across multiple store locations based on price. For example, if a user assigns a grocery item to two separate lists or store locations, Grocery Gadget automatically alerts the user where the item costs less. This is achieved by displaying the less costly item in green, and the more costly item in red. With 2.1, users will take immediate notice of Grocery Gadget’s improved UI graphic theme. In addition, units of measure per item are now available, as well as category and aisle assignment per list. With the new “shopping done” feature, users can easily zero out all list items, or automatically clear out all checked boxes with a single tap. Editing capabilities have also been enhanced: if a newly added item requires editing, changes can be made immediately. Lastly, Flixoft introduces Grocery Gadget in yet other language: With version 2.1, Grocery Gadget is available in Italian.

Flixoft is dedicated to offering a global audience a go-to resource that truly simplifies serious shopping. Their flagship shopping list application Grocery Gadget® recently received accolades from Apple, when it was chosen as a staff member favorite within the iTunes App Store. In coming months, users can expect Grocery Gadget shopping solutions to further expand by offering: barcode scanning, multiple stores per list, push notification, and sync support with other smart phones. For more information on Flixoft news and updates, be sure to follow Grocery Gadget on twitter @GroceryGadget.

Flixoft, Inc. is a U.S. based developer of smart phone applications specializing in Internet based integrated solutions. For additional information, please visit

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