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ItalyGuides introduces The Vatican Museums 1.0 for iPhone and iPod touch

ItalyGuides today is delighted to introduce The Vatican Museums 1.0, their new interactive travel guide for iPhone and iPod touch devices. Developed specifically to take advantage of the iPhone’s unique capabilities and touch interface, The Vatican Museums tells the story of what human ingenuity has created through the ages and features interactive maps, two hours of audio guides and over 170 breathtaking photos.

From the painstaking research of authentic content, to the narratives by American voice actor and writer Greg Snegoff, The Vatican Museums is the result of a collaborative effort between historians, industry copywriters and art professionals and represents the culmination of work done with passion, meticulousness and care given to the tiniest of details – all carefully designed to make learning active, compelling and immediate.

Perfect for the entire family, this is the start of a mysterious and fascinating trip. Take an interactive voyage across more than 20 centuries of creativity through which art and history intertwine. Designed to present Italy’s enormous art heritage at its very best, The Vatican Museums is a first in a series of new travel guides that is sure to offer a fun experience.

Feature Highlights:
* Comfortable and simple User Interface
* Interactive maps of various Museums
* 120 minutes of audio contents with a great soundtrack and FX
* Photo gallery with over 170 high quality images

* Birth of Vatican Museums
* The Courtyard of the Pinecone
* Pio-clementino Museum
* Gregorian Egyptian Museum
* Gregorian Etruscan Museum
* The Upper Galleries
* Raphael’s Rooms – 1 Hall of Constantine
* Raphael’s Rooms – 2 Room of Heliodorus
* Raphael’s Rooms – 3 Room of the Segnatura
* Raphael’s Rooms – 4 Room of the Fire In the Borgo
* The Sistine Chapel – Birth of a Masterpiece
* The Sistine Chapel – Frescos and Ceiling
* The Sistine Chapel – The Central Stories
* The Sistine Chapel – Last Judgment
* Pinacoteca Vaticana

“With so many possibilities with the iPhone platform, such as maps, accelerometer, with pictures and audio, for example, developing The Vatican Museums was a perfect fit given our audience,” said Leonardo Calandra, CEO of ComPart Multimedia srl and co-founder of ItalyGuides. “The Vatican Museums and the Sistine Chapel was the result of an online survey with our visitors and we decided for the first time to talk about a museum with our style. During 2009 alone, we had over 1,800,000 visits and over 250,000 downloads of our audio guides, making ItalyGuides one of the most popular sources for traveling info about our beautiful, yet complex Italian heritage.”

Device Requirements:
* iPhone or iPod Touch 3.0 or later

Pricing and Availability:
For a limited time, The Vatican Museums 1.0 is $4.99 (USD) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Travel category. The Vatican Museums are available also as audio guides for any iPod or mp3 players from iTunes Music Store and Amazon. Review copies are available upon request.

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