XanMobile brings Enterprise SAP System Monitoring to the iPhone

Starting with Release 4.6 the System Management solution syslink Xandria provides mobile access to its most important functions. The required application XanMobile is available free of charge exclusively for the Apple iPhone.

The XanMobile App displays a comprehensive status overview of all monitored SAP landscapes. This enables responsible staff to have the health-state of the most business critical systems at hand, always and everywhere.

Administrators have the opportunity to confirm critical alerts or to suspend the monitoring process temporarily even when they are on the road. At the same time they can notify customers impacted by a certain issue quick and easily. The mail, phone, and text message applications of the iPhone directly access the contact data stored with the syslink Xandria server.

syslink Xandria is an easy-to-use out-of-the-box System Management Solution. Its main focus is the monitoring of large-scale SAP and database environments of both, enterprises and service providers.
The version 4.6 will be released on February 26, 2010.

For further reading on syslink Xandria please visit: www.syslink.ch/xandria-system-management-for-sap-solutions

XanMobile requires to have syslink Xandria 4.6 installed. The XanMobile App itself is available at Apple’s AppStore.

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