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SQLite Migrator 1.3.0 Available

LogicalVue Software, Inc. today is pleased to announce the availability of SQLite Migrator 1.3.0, the quick and easy way to migrate or backup any database to SQLite, the popular open-source database. SQLite a free, open-source, single-user database engine that is taking the world by storm. It is used by a wide variety of applications and development tools, including Apple OS X (CoreData), REALbasic, Adobe Flex/Air, Google Gears, REAL Server, Bento and more.

With SQLite Migrator you can migrate or backup just about any database to SQLite using ODBC in three steps:

1. Select the source database
2. Name the destination database
3. Click Migrate

SQLite Migrator is a great way to migrate from out-of-date or needlessly complex databases. Why stick with Access or FoxPro when you can migrate to SQLite and have better performance, improved reliability and Mac OS X compatibility? Are you ready to move to something simpler than PostgreSQL, MySQL or Microsoft SQL Server? With SQLite Migrator you can easily migrate all your tables and data to SQLite. This can also greatly simplify backups and reporting.

New features for version 1.3.0:
* Updated to SQLite 3.6.20
* UI improvements
* Performance improvements
* ODBC improvements
* Added auto-updated mechanism and preference

Pricing and Availability:
SQLite Migrator works on Mac OS X and Windows. A fully licensed version costs $49.95 (USD). Site licenses are available for $199.95. A demo version is available.

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