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Cirtex Corp Announce Webmaster Tools Application for Apple iPhone and iPad

irtex Corp., parent company of hosting leaders CirtexHosting, HostV its new Cirtex Webmaster Tools application for the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad, provided worldwide webmasters with core website management functionality on their mobile device.

The apple iTunes store , offers this new application, without any charges enables the users to perform a wide- variety of tests and checks ,along with domain WHOIS lookups, DNS lookups, Reverse DNS lookups, Ping and Latency checks, Tracer out searches, and more users may also make precise and specific searches on domain name related data, together with Alexa rankings and DMOZ Listings.

The current customers can directly access the billing center by use of application, allowing the customers to pay their hosting bill and manage their account. Customers can also make contact with support staff and access a community forum for interacting with other hosting users.

“There is a seismic shift in the past several years of hosting users to interact with web and internet- enabled mobile devices Internet-enabled mobile devices are becoming the new median in managing and maintaining websites,and according to us this is the time to make dive to the mobile world.

Hence our customers are being provided with broad assortment of functionality by webmaster tools, and so the feedback we received till now is devastatingly positive said Cirtex Corp. President John Xie.

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