Apple Macintosh News and Information
Apple Macintosh News and Information

Apple TV Version 5.0 Announced

Apple have introduced a new Apple TV and rolled out an upgrade to the current Apple TV 2s. Both the existing and new Apple TVs will share the same upgraded interface, reports Tech Of The Hub.

“Besides the new look and feel, there’s little in terms of functionality. The Netflix app allows you to sign up for the service directly from the Apple TV. You can use your iTunes account to pay your monthy Netflix bill.

The movies app has also been upgraded. As with TV shows, you can now stream content directly from Apple’s cloud. I did find an interesting surprise trying it out. I purchased the 2009 release of Star Trek on Blu-ray which came with a digital copy on an additional physical disc. A while ago, I loaded that digital copy on my iMac. In the earlier versions of the Apple TV software, I was able to watch it via iTunes home sharing, streaming from my iMac (and iTunes had to be running). Apple outlines the process here. However, I can now stream the movie directly from Apple’s cloud. Star Trek shows up under my purchased titles and the iCloud icon appears with it. It’s just like iTunes match for music! I doubt it goes as far as iTunes music match, grabbing any movie it finds, including ripped DVDs. What Apple is doing here seems very similar to UltraViolet. Star Trek streamed in 720P and Dolby Digital (in theory it will be in 1080P from the new Apple TV). Sweet! Check it out in the video below.”

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