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New iPhone Mobile App From Onseeker™

According to IT Facts, mobile entertainment is expected to generate $32 billion in sales this year. Mobile is the number one internet access device in the world, and China is leading the trend. Enter the iPhone, iTouch and application developers. Companies like onseeker™ music have a vision about how music is supposed to be shared. They understand how fans interact with their phones. It’s a marriage made in heaven.

Let’s start with the cost. Fans pay nothing to download and use the application. Pretty cool in an environment where mobile apps are becoming more expensive every day. Artists get to try the application for 60-days and then pay $9.95 per month to host their music. Venue owners can tell their patrons who’s gigging or can spice up a slow week with a spontaneous ladies night. It just takes a few clicks for just $19.95 per month. In today’s economy, venue/club owners won’t find a way to market directly to people in the neighborhood for $0.66 per day anywhere else.

Anwar Robinson, American Idol Finalist from Season 4 said, “…onseeker™ music seems to be on the cutting edge of using digital technology, GPS/iPhone features and the Web to seamlessly merge and connect fans to the artists they want!!! What an amazing breakthrough, especially for independent artists and producers, and the opportunities are boundless!”

To get a better idea of how the application works, watch this video from YouTube and see what all the excitement is about (

The best is yet to come. Lucky members of Rising Star Artists ( get to use the application for a 90-day trial period. Once the 90-day trial is over artists with a Free, Silver or Bronze membership pay $9.95 per month and venues pay $19.95 per month. So as a member of Rising Star Artists you get an additional 30-days free. An even better deal is available for Rising Startists with a Gold, Platinum or Titanium membership – these members get onseeker music absolutely free. In all cases Rising Star Artists need to use promo code RISING STAR to get the extra 30-days.

If you’re not a member of Rising Star Artists, you’re still able to take advantage of the free 90-day trial by using promo code ddiak. Once the trial period is over, you pay $9.95 per month to stay in touch with your fans.

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