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WindowFlow Beta released for Mac OS X

Independent developer Benedict Lowndes today is pleased to announce the release of WindowFlow Beta for Mac OS X. WindowFlow provides powerful keyboard commands for organizing your application windows. You can seamlessly move and resize windows which will snap into alignment with each other. Window tiling allows you to select a messy group of windows to be re-organized to make the most of your screen space. WindowFlow’s clean and simple interface also acts as a window switcher, allowing you to easily browse all of your open application windows. The beta is available today at a discount for early adopters.

The trend towards multiple screens and higher resolution displays is ongoing and with good reason: research shows that the more screen space available, the more productive you are. In practice this is only true if the screen space is being used optimally and unfortunately we are all used to switching back and forth between windows looking for the information we know is there, somewhere.

WindowFlow was designed to take the hassle out of this by providing smart tools to position application windows most effectively, allowing you to stay focused on your task. Those who prefer to keep their hands on the keyboard will appreciate the simple keyboard commands, reducing the need to keep reaching for the the mouse to make the most of your screen space.

Professional Edition Features:

* Keyboard commands to seamlessly move and re-size individual windows; they smoothly glide across the screen and snap into alignment with other windows and screen edges.

* Window tiling allows you to quickly select a group of windows to fill the screen. Different tile layouts allow you to choose the arrangement that works best for you.

* Plus all the standard edition features.

Standard Edition Features

* Intuitive window switching that gives you a preview of each window with it’s location on the desktop, even windows that are minimized, hidden or in another Space.

* WindowFlow is optimized for large and multiple displays.

Pricing and Availability:
WindowFlow Beta is available with a free 14 day trial. It’s currently in the final stages of beta testing, with a discounted for early adopters. WindowFlow Pro will be priced at $22 (USD) but is available for purchase during the beta for $12. WindowFlow Standard will be priced at $12 (USD) but is available for purchase during the beta for $8.

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