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Indie iPhone 4/4S Camera Housing Announced

AP Camera Systems announces the launch of the indie™ – an extraordinary photo / video accessory for owners of Apple® iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S cell phones. Bringing unprecedented and patent pending features to the world of iPhoneography and independent iPhone video production, the indie enables new levels of image control and optimized camera operation.

From the safe and secure method the indie provides to hold an iPhone, to the unmatched range of professional-level accessories one can mount, this novel device delivers a virtual Swiss Army knife of creative possibilities.

Manufactured in the USA with great precision from CAD drawings guiding CNC machines, each indie is produced from a solid block of aerospace grade aluminum. This accuracy allows the indie to securely carry the iPhone in a tailored compartment behind a magnetically closed sliding door. Safely enclosed, the indie offers complete access to the touch screen, home button, headphone/microphone jack, top mic, dock connector port, bottom microphone and speaker, and both the front and rear facing cameras.

Composing a photo or shooting video is now much more intuitive thanks to the indie’s “on center” design. With this innovation, wherever you point your arm your lens will follow, perfect for hand held news shots, fast moving action or self-recording while video blogging.

Image making versatility begins with the indie’s industry standard 37mm accessory lens mount, but an entirely new and unprecedented level of creative control is now available thanks to the indie’s first in category channels for 15mm rails or rods. Common in professional film making and popular among HDSLR users, rails provide the means to install matte boxes (and the use of graduated filters), shoulder mounts, custom handle rigs, flags and so much more.

All this versatility is in addition to the cold shoe mount centered directly above the lens and eight (8) industry standard ¼-20 threads arrayed over the top, down the left side and across the bottom of each indie. From on-camera lighting to external microphones and audio recorders, this is truly a new era in creative options and control for cell phone cinema and iPhoneography.

Included with each indie is a matching black handle milled from solid aerospace grade aluminum. With a ¼-20 thread on the bottom, it can double as a height extender. The indie plus handle combination weigh 2.75 pounds providing real stability for hand held work, overcoming one of the classic challenges of cell phone video. Finish and color choices for the indie are black with either an anodized or powder coat finish; all doors will be anodized black.

The indie is available for pre-order for just $199.95 (plus shipping and handling) by customers in the USA only:

International orders will follow shortly. Shipments will begin in 6-8 weeks from date of pre-order.

About AP Camera Systems
AP Camera Systems is the product development effort of aerial and location photography and film production company Aeronautic Pictures. Founded in Los Angeles in 1981, clients include Japan Airlines, Time Magazine, Lockheed, and Aviation Week.